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Tuesday Transformation - Roberta Dowell

Sales, Marketing & Communications Officer, The National Sports Council

Who is Roberta Dowell?

I am a communications professional who loves her family, loved ones and career fiercely and un-apologetically. I’m an ambitious woman, straightforward talker and someone who tries daily to be kind and fair to every person with whom I come into contact.

What does a typical day for you look like?

Well my day always starts with a prayer thanking God for waking me and my loved ones up and granting me wisdom of thought, speech and deed for the day. I start each day with warm water and apple cider vinegar, then a mandatory cup of coffee. Then I head to work, where most of my days are hectic but fulfilling. After work, I spend time catching up with my loved ones, working out, reading and/or watching television.

How did you get started in the Media industry?

I started out as an intern in the editorial department at one of the media houses here in Barbados, which I enjoyed thoroughly. I spent six months learning as much as I could there and then I got called in for an interview at the sister company of that media house and as they say, the rest is history.

We’ve missed your voice from the radio. What have you been up to recently?

I’ve actually made a career move to marketing and communications this year with a local organization, where I get to use my experience, skills and training to assist that organization.

We know you lead a busy life. What is your go to relaxing activity?

Anyone who knows me knows I like spending time with my significant other, family and friends, so going out with them to dinner, a lime or a good party is always relaxing for me. I also love to read, so that’s always a great relaxing activity for me.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in pursuing a career similar to yours?

Put yourself in a position to learn everything you can from the positive and experienced stalwarts in media and hone your craft every single day. In the beginning of my career as a broadcast journalist, I would go home and read old scripts daily and listen to how experienced broadcasters and journalists spoke during broadcasts. Additionally, you have to read a lot about your craft, that’s how you continue to grow in any career. Another important point, is that you have to take constructive criticism and learn from it, whether you like it or not. Listening to criticism isn’t always easy, but you have to in order to grow.


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