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Matthew Hinkson - Tuesday Transformation

Entrepreneur and Generalist

Who is Matthew Hinkson? I am a 26-year-old young man who is keen on growth and development. I have spent 6 years in the area of HR across various very prominent organizations but have always been open to additional knowledge in other areas on my journey. Additionally, I am an entrepreneur and attend to these activities of business in my free time. My dedication to my professional career and to building my entrepreneurial framework reiterates how dedicated I am in achieving success and furthering myself both personally and professionally.

What does your day to day entail?

Currently, my current day to day encompasses leadership and developmental tasks on a national scale. I currently serve the Barbadian public as a civil servant in assisting to keep the maritime environment safe through interagency collaborations. Along with that, I still have a duty to my extra-curricular activities and the upkeep of such. My hours of work most times span between 8 to 14 hour days.

How did your interest in HR and leadership develop?

My interest in HR and leadership developed while I attended University in Jamaica, where I studied Psychology. In doing so, I grasped the concepts of the human mind and the organizational theories behind the integration of both human resources and productivity within the workplace. Without delving in too much, I came back to Barbados with that interest still peaked, and so began my career in HR. Within my journey I saw a few lapses of judgement in leadership, which I tested and researched on my own accord. Along the way, I met and spoke to like-minded individuals on both sides of the spectrum – prominent business owners, CEOs and managerial HODs), whilst on the other side, on the ground employees such as supervisors and regular staff within a particular service for over 10 years.

I found this research and these conversations to be vital towards molding my perspective on leadership and what it should entail. The fact remains that the skill sets of employees account for 85% of any companies assets, while on the other hand managers tend to prefer to give more focus to the management of processes than to the leading and taking care of its people. My goal is to manifest these proven theories into any leadership role I am placed in.

What do you love most about what you do?

Currently, my roles are not HR related, but it is something I always wanted to do as a young boy and with the altruistic spirit that is me, I am serving my country and giving back at one of the most important levels there is.

Any advice for aspiring professionals?

My advice to aspiring professionals would be to be true to who you are and not trapped or manipulated by a culture you may be forced to accept. Cultivate your own beliefs and ethical framework, which will help to guide your decisions throughout your career. I would also say to continue to aspire, even when it seems far-fetched and while climbing the ladder, always remember where you came from. This will help in understanding the qualities of leadership that are paramount in running your business or taking care of your people, while still achieving company or personal objectives.

How can our readers connect with you?

My social media tag is iam_matthinx or I can be connected by email address at


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