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Monday Motivation - Hasani Evelyn

Personal Assistant, Cabinet of Barbados

Who is Hasani Evelyn?

I love travelling, I am a huge sports fanatic . I enjoy spending time with my family and close friends, but my greatest joy is being a dad to my sons, Micah who is and 6 years old and Liam who is 1. Also, LEBRON JAMES IS THE GOAT!!!!

What does your day-to-day entail?

I am a Personal Assistant to the Hon. Charles Griffith M.P, who is the Minister in the Ministry Of Transport , Works and Water Resources. My day includes attending various meetings and site visits. My day can start from as early as 8:30am and finish around 6pm. Any early evenings, my boss and I usually go into his constituency of St. John to do some canvassing.

Tell us your most memorable achievement to date.

Being a father to both my sons.

Any advice for our readers who are interested in working in your field?

You have to be organized, committed and dedicated to the tasks at hand because the days can be pretty crazy.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

I am co-host of a cricket podcast named Bench Talk Cricket Podcasts on Wednesdays at 8pm On our Youtube Channel with my fellow co-hosts Akeem Nero, Dwayne Collymore, Jason Clarke and Damien Reid.


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