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Monday Motivation - Krystal Holder

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Registered Nurse & Midwife, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Who is Krystal Holder?

I would consider myself a friendly and easy-going person. I always believe one should aspire to be their best self, so in everything I do I try to do my best. I also love to socialize with friends and family and love to plan events where persons can have fun with each other. Therefore I accepted the position at my church as the social community director which not only gives me the opportunity to plan for the church, but voluntarily plan events in any area of my life. I find joy when a program is planned or implemented, and I see persons enjoying themselves. That makes me very happy.

I am a Registered Nurse Midwife by profession. I have been a registered nurse for 11 years and a midwife for 6 years. This journey has been different, eye-opening, but rewarding.

I am also a Seventh-Day Adventist and I believe that without God nothing is possible, so I always take time to ask God for direction in any decision making, in all aspects of my life. I attribute all of my achievements to Him.

What does your day-to-day entail?

I am not sure that I can give you what a day looks like for me, because you never know what to expect when you walk through those doors. Most days as a Nurse Midwife on the delivery suite, it can be extremely rewarding. I get the opportunity to welcome new life into the world. My day can be made up of a number of responsibilities based on what is presented to us. Assessments of women who may be having problems in their pregnancy, referrals to doctors for those problems. Monitoring and caring for women in labor, delivering babies, care of mothers post-delivery and assisting with breastfeeding just to name a few. Some days can be filled with joy, and some days can be not so joyful; because not every mother who comes to the delivery suite is going to leave with a live and healthy baby. The loss of a baby, even for a health care worker can be filled with pain as well. A day can be packed with so many emotions.

Tell us your most memorable achievement to date.

My most memorable achievement to date is successfully completing my midwifery education. Midwifery has always been seen as an arm of nursing for mature nurses. Therefore, it was a great achievement when I completed my diploma at the age of 27 which made me one of the youngest midwives in Barbados.

As a Nursing professional, what are your thoughts about COVID-19 and what would you like our readers to take special note of?

We've been hearing about COVID-19 since 2020 and as a Nurse Midwife, I am urging people not to take it as only a negative thing. We should try to take some positive from it. Since we're at home, I advise persons to take this time to catch up on hobbies and things that they enjoyed doing in the past. Work on relationships with your family members and friends and spend time with them. Remember to keep connected with others in your circle to see how they have been doing; and if you haven't been feeling your best mentally, take the time to talk to someone.

It is important to build your immune system to increase your vitamin C, D and Zinc levels. Practice activities that decrease your stress level, because increased stress levels decrease your immune system - so stay away from activities that make you feel stressed. Also, try to take a break from listening to COVID-related news if you find that it makes you feel overwhelmed.

Ensure that you wear your mask. Not only does it protect you from others, but it also protects others from you - think about the persons that are around you. Continue to physical distance from others (3-6 feet apart). Proper hand hygiene is also very critical. Consider taking the vaccine as well. Do your research and weigh your risks. Don't just research negative reviews, but also research positive reviews and make a personal decision.

Every time you plan to do an activity, especially involving leaving home, ask yourself if it is worth it to take the risk to expose yourself to the virus.

For expecting moms, I recommend keeping up with birthing classes. This time can be very stressful for pregnant ladies and they may not be able to attend in-person sessions. I actually provide virtual birthing classes; which allow moms to be, to ask questions, and each class is tailored to their personal needs (Please see the flyer below).

Any advice for our readers who are interested in working in your field?

Nursing is a Profession you must love. I am going to say, if you can’t care for and be professional to someone may it be the patient or their family, who is going to lash out at you and be mean to you, this profession is not for you. When we meet people in the hospital they are at their lowest, people handle pain and illness differently, and as nurses, we always need to understand and remember this.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

From a young age, I always had the mindset of a businesswoman, therefore, I created two businesses. Perfect-gift, which is a cake and pastry business and Bump & Beyond which is a birthing class and maternity service business. I started this Bump & Beyond because I saw the need for women and their families, to be more educated, fearless and empowered about their pregnancy journey, labor and early parenthood.

This business was created to assist families from every walk of life on a one-on-one basis. Our main goal is to hold clients' hands as they venture through another phase of their lives. At Bump & Beyond, we personalize our classes to meet the needs of all our clients and provide a safe space for the clients and their families. For more information about these two businesses, you can find us on IG perfectgift246, bumpandbeyond246.

You can also contact me at (246) 256-6562 or visit our website at


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