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Sunday Success - Carol-Ann Wiggins

Owner and Founder, Carol’s Couture

Who is Carol-Ann Wiggins?

I am Carol-Ann Wiggins, the self taught Owner and Founder of Carol’s Couture, established in the year 2012. I am very humble and fair, kind hearted, down to earth person, who love to learn new things, to then apply them to everyday life. Either to help others or just to improve in general. I am a very quick learner, yet I do make mistakes but I use them as motivation to fix the problem and improve for the next attempt.

What prompted you to start Carol’s Couture?

Well growing up it wasn’t easy. Most of our clothes were “hand me downs” or “gi to ma”. However the Church’s annual convention at the Wildey Gymnasium was what got the ball rolling. I wanted to have something better to wear, seeing that some of everybody was going to be there. I asked for something new to wear, but after weeks of asking with no avail, I decided to go another route. I started to look for nice somethings I could possibly wear the next day. But I had NOTHING. I had seen my aunt make many things so I said I would try ah thing. A light went off in my head: You can do it yourself. I then did some digging up and found my mother’s sewing machine. Not knowing how to cut, I laid out the material, laid a dress I had on top the material and began cutting. My project began at 5 that evening and was finished at 5 the next morning. Although this dress was not perfect, it was the start of my love affair with fashion. I received so many complements that day and questions on where I got the dress from. I was so proud to let them know I made it. That feeling gave me so much joy that I thought to myself I could make things and give to my friends for Christmas. I went ahead with that idea and it was a hit, they loved it. Soon after, their friends began asking where they were getting their clothes from. The word quickly spread and work began to boom and that is how Carol’s Couture was born.

What services do you offer?

I try my hands at any and everything. I make for children & adults both Male and Female. I even made for a dog show, a doll, a few bags, cushions and chair covers but mainly I do:

  • Alterations

  • Revamps

  • Costumes

  • Cheerleading Uniforms

  • Casual and Formal Wear

  • Work Uniforms

  • Suits

  • Graduation Dresses

  • Bridal Party Attire

  • Bikinis

  • Breast Taping

  • Sewing Classes

Did you always want to become an Entrepreneur?

At the beginning I cannot say I always wanted to become an Entrepreneur, because I didn’t fully know or understand what an Entrepreneur was, when I became one. I did not think of it like that but because of how we were growing up I guess the hustler in me just came out. I started selling snacks then I was in to doing nails. In between there somewhere, I just knew when I got older I would like to own a mall, where I could go work in any store if I choose too on any given day. But from the time I learnt that I could sew, in 2011 I never stopped. I am sure glad I am an Entrepreneur now, even with all the ups and downs.

Any advice for our budding Entrepreneurs?

Stay focused because it’s not going to be a walk in the park. Always leave room for improvement, set goals for both your business and yourself. Never try to rush things because everything takes time and everything happens in its time. You learn more from your mistakes than your successes. Just never give up.

Where can our readers connect with you online?

You can find Carol’s Couture on Instagram at carols_couture_, Facebook at Carols Couture or (246) 261-3793 to call and WhatsApp message.

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