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Sunday Success - Christina Hunte

CEO & Lead Marketing Strategist, Kreativ Edge

Who is Christina Hunte?

I am a creative change maker who is passionate about marketing and seeing dreams come true. I am the Founder of Kreativ Edge, a boutique marketing agency which helps companies to stand out and gain an edge in the market.

What does a typical day for Christina involve?

A typical day involves some project planning, market research, social media management, client meetings, and on a good day, watching the sunset.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love that I can break down marketing and business concepts in a way that's meaningful to people. Seeing my people benefit and grow from a lesson I shared, makes all the difference to me.

How has your skillset grown over the years?

Funny enough, I've kind of allowed the market to shape my business, and my skillset has grown as a result. For example, I never started out expecting to do public speaking, but over the years, the demand for me to share my knowledge has grown, and now I do public speaking about marketing and business on a whole.

In your opinion, what are two (2) of the best promotional strategies?

This might sound strange, but Word of Mouth is and will always be the best form of marketing on the planet. Find kreativ ways to get people talking about your business, and combine that with the power of social media. You'll be unstoppable.

How can an individual pursue a career in Marketing?

Like any other field, you have to immerse yourself in it until it becomes second nature. So if you want to be the best, practice, practice, practice. You can go and get a marketing degree of course, but hands-on industry experience is the best teacher you could want. How do you get that experience? Start small and grow. You can start marketing events for your church or your school, or a charity in your neighbourhood. Apply for internships. Even if they are free internships. Ask a ton of questions. Ask for feedback. Learn as much as you can, so that when the next job opportunity comes, you're ready.

What advice would you give a budding Entrepreneur?

- You have to start. Just start, even if you don't feel ready or confident. Start because that's where all the growth happens.

- Get a mentor. Today.

- Build a good support system. Entrepreneurship is not easy and you will need good people around you to hold you up when you feel like giving up.

- Entrepreneurship is hard. But it's worth it.

COVID-19 has impacted Entrepreneurs everywhere. Any advice for life during and after this pandemic?

Find a source of comfort, and find a source of purpose.

We are being bombarded with horrible, tragic stories of loss of life, and loss of livelihoods. People are scared and anxiety is at an all time high. And it's totally understandable. We're human beings at the end of the day, and nothing could have prepared us for these times. Some people are trying to figure out how they're going to eat, feed their kids, and just stay sane above it all.

If you're feeling anxious, my advice is to find a source of comfort, and a source of purpose. Why? Because you shouldn't beat yourself up if you're struggling to focus or struggling to get out of bed. This pandemic is affecting all of us differently. So to combat that? A source of comfort. And comfort looks different to everyone. Find something that makes you feel at peace, or makes you feel excited. Whether that's a new series on Netflix, listening to music, or playing games with family, find something that makes you feel okay each and every day. That is essential for keeping your mental health intact.

Next, a source of purpose. To work so hard to build a business, and then have it taken away at the drop of a hat, can feel like a total nightmare. Not just that, but all the negative stories can make you feel paralyzed and helpless. If you can find something to dive into during this time, something that absolutely lights you up and makes you want to get out of bed, I say go for it. Helping others is an incredible way to use your time and your gifts, and to make a difference to someone who could really use it at this time.

Oh, and as much as you can, limit your intake of COVID-19 news right now. Stick to the facts and stay informed, but don't spend all day watching the news. Immerse yourself in positivity, stay home, and stay safe.

Where can our readers connect with you online?

They can follow me on Facebook and Instagram:

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