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Sunday Success - Dareon Millar

Owner and Lead Photographer, DM Photography

Who is Dareon Millar?

Ask me this question next week and the answer would probably be quite different. Probably because I am constantly changing and growing as a person. I am 22 years of age and a proud Barbadian. I like to believe that I am a charismatic person, a person that holds his relationships with others in high regard.

I am always willing to listen, and I try my best to communicate with others. I enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them. I can be a bit chatty sometimes and it’s something I am trying to curb, but its only ever because I am excited about the topic at hand. I recently completed my final year studies at the University of the West Indies, majoring in International Business.

What led to you pursuing a business in Photography?

Well my father bought a camera one day. I just remember him having a camera probably about a year or so after he bought another. He isn’t a Photographer by profession, but he enjoyed capturing memories. When he got that second camera, I set my sights on the first one which he no longer used. It took some convincing but I was finally able to start using the camera. I also attended an arts camp for about 2 years during the summer that really fed that passion. I really love meeting people and the break it gives me from my everyday life. When I am out shooting and creating, there is a serene feeling that I cannot get enough of.

What do you love most about Photography?

I really love meeting people through my photography. I love interacting and sharing the final images with them. I feel immense satisfaction when they are pleased, and I always try my best to go above and beyond expectations. Photography is so vast and exploring its multiple facets allows for freedoms that other activities do not allow. The possibilities and the opportunities are truly endless, and I really enjoy the variety of avenues to explore.

Tell us about your most memorable experience to date.

My most memorable experience to date is the time where I was booked as an Event Photographer for a destination wedding here in Barbados. I was not the wedding Photographer, but the couple was so big on family and friends and reuniting, that they had about a week of events before the wedding on the Saturday.

As you could imagine, a week of events would command a large fee and I was adequately compensated and even given my first ever tip. However, the best part was interacting with that group of people for the entire week. During that week, I formed relationships that are still strong today. It was so gratifying that we had such lasting impacts on each other.

We heard that you recently joined a Mentorship programme. Tell us about your experience so far.

Yes, I recently embarked on The Job Connect's Mentorship Programme. The programme is designed to connect young persons with little to no experience to a mentor that has amassed a wealth of experience in order to help the younger generation understand how the field of work they are interested in looks like. I would like to enter the realm of Marketing and as such, I have been paired with Reva Graham, a fantastic and down to earth person with a great passion for sharing all that she knows.

Reva and I had a great first meeting and we have been following that trend since then. I must admit when the pandemic started, we had no idea that our meetings would be limited to Zoom, but we have been making it work and I am increasingly thankful for the time we chat together and look forward to them. The programme for me thus far has been everything it advertised and surpassed my expectations.

Where can our readers find you online?

I post my creative photography on Instagram at dm_photohraphgy246 and for bookings and inquiries you can use the contact number found on my Instagram or the email

My professional profile is on LinkedIn and I can be found by simply entering Dareon Millar into the search bar. If you currently work within the realm of marketing or any of the related fields, feel free to follow and connect with me there.


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