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Sunday Success - Julita Greaves-Cumberbatch

Therapist, Mind & Body Holistic Spa

Who is Julita Greaves-Cumberbatch?

I am a devoted Christian, wife, mom, daughter, sister and all that I can be to all who come my way. I am a woman of love, care, value and one who thrives to be the best I can with what life metes at me. I am also an entrepreneur, a sure sign of strength and commitment.

What is your biggest professional challenge to date?

My biggest professional challenge to date are the many obstacles that has stood in my way and made me want to give up. Challenges such as funding, assistance from key personnel, lack of support from places and persons you expected it from and the difficulties in thriving to meet goals and budget.

What services do you offer?

My business name is Mind & Body Holistic Spa. I offer treatments of care to my clients which include but are not limited to massages, pedicures, manicures, facials etc. We also make and sell most of the products we use at the Spa so you can continue your Mind & Body experience at home. Our products include, soaps, face masks, body scrubs, coconut oil, hair growth oils etc.

Did you always want to become an Entrepreneur?

Yes and no. I am a former Counsellor of about 18 years experience. This field of work I absolutely loved. However, my main career goal was to become a Nurse upon transitioning from counseling. However, I became married and had a son 5 years later and my plan was never to work outside the home if I ever had children because I wanted to devote my time and presence to them. Hence, I resigned from my counseling job after my maternity leave and I cancelled my admittance to study nursing at the community college. Did I regret it? Absolutely not. God placed within my heart to open a home based business in the area of massage therapy and so, after my son began school at age 5, I went to be trained in the said field. I preferred the space in my home for the business. I did the necessary paperwork that was required and here I am 10 years later. You wouldn't believe it but I get to do nursing, counseling and all the other careers I was interested in and I'm loving it. Thank God.

What advice would you give a budding entrepreneur?

My advice is to stay the course. No matter how hard it gets hold your ground. My philosophy is "my presenting burden is not meant to destroy me but make me strong. It's my blessing". So, remember that nothing good comes easy. The test is to pray, trust God, remain faithful and for sure He will guide your every move. I'm a living testimony.

Name one (1) thing that your clients may not know about you.

My deep compassion and love for people and my ability to go the extra mile to help them sometimes at the sacrifice of my self and family.

Where can our readers connect with you online?

Mind & Body Holistic Spa is located at Husband's Gardens in St James. We work by appointments only! We are on Facebook, and are presently working on an Instagram presence, but our strongest presence is on Facebook. We can be contacted via email: Our number (246) 241-3791 which you can also WhatsApp us on.

"Your care, is our Calling" so give us the opportunity to care for you today.


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