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Sunday Success - Kaiande Devonish

CEO & Director of Recruitment, Work and Travel TT

Who is Kaiande Devonish?

I am a Chemical Engineering business owner who loves to travel, read and help persons achieve their dream careers. I am also very passionate about giving back to the less fortunate and am the Incoming Secretary of my Rotaract Club where we do impactful service projects in our local community as well as the international community. My love for travel pushed me to start Work and Travel TT and my love of reading put me on the path to start the Find It In A Book Movement. 

What does your day to day entail? 

On a normal day, I wake at 6.30am, pray and get ready for the day. I eat breakfast and check over my schedule. I head to the office where I balance my day job assignments, as a Chemical Engineer, with my business tasks. On mornings I post vacancies to numerous job boards on mornings and reply to all DMs and emails. On afternoons I review at least 20 resumes and compile a list of candidates to email the next morning. If I need to get more information from an applicant or need to congratulate them for qualifying I usually schedule that in the morning.

Tell us a bit about Work and Travel TT. 

Work and Travel TT is a  Premier Recruitment Agency that currently provides US jobs for Caribbean professionals in the Hospitality and Teaching Industry.  In the near future, we are going to be offering jobs in Canada and Europe and opening up to more professions. 

What do you love most about being a business owner?

What I love most about being a business owner is knowing that I am helping someone achieve their dreams. I am helping them to grow professionally and personally. Living and working in another country is no easy task but with the right preparation and support you can have an amazing experience and that is what I am here for. 

How do you manage to commit to entrepreneurship and your 9-5?

What gets me through those difficult days is my schedule. I am very very particular on how I spend my time. I have many different areas of my life that all need to be balanced and to ensure I cover all that is required of me, at the beginning of each week I schedule every hour and every day.

Tell us your most memorable achievement to date.

I would have to say the day my very first intern came back from the US and called me and told me how grateful he was that I gave him this life-changing opportunity

Where can our readers connect with you online? Social Media- Instagram - @workandtravel_tt FB - Work and Travel Trinidad and Tobago  Contact Number - (868) 373-6801.    Email address - Website -


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