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Sunday Success - Lyn-Marie Hall

Creative Director, Green Republik

Who is Lyn-Marie Hall?

Hi, my name is Lyn-Marie Hall - affectionately known as Lyn. I am a young woman on my journey to success who intends to live intentionally with no regrets. Apart from my ambitions, I'm very down-to-earth, enjoy a good laugh, love all things waters-ports and not to mention, a staunch foodie at heart. I enjoy traveling, embarking on new experiences and anything that will give me an adrenaline rush (while being able to live to tell the tale). Items on my bucket list include traveling to all of the world’s most exotic destinations and witnessing the aurora borealis in action. I love my family and support system and I am a proud Bajan.

How did you get started?

Green Republik was born out of a need for an artistic outlet. From a very young age, I've always had a burning passion to get into Interior Design and though my career path led me to pursue a degree in Environmental Science, I found a way to do what I love, while applying the principles from my degree to create a lovely amalgamation of sustainability and artistic design. In the year 2016, Green Republik was launched and the rest was history. Four years later, I still enjoy creating beautiful pieces for various spaces. I love interacting with clients to get a feel of what they want, then experimenting with the science of colour and different design styles to blow their minds away with my finished products. I live to see the expressions on their faces when I’ve surpassed their expectations and they are over-the-moon satisfied.

What services do you offer?

Green Republik is a brand offering Interior Decor solutions. Our slogan - ‘Creating masterpieces through artistic expressions, nature and you’ says it perfectly. We specialize in indoor, outdoor and branded soft furnishings for the home and office, party and wedding decor services as well as Interior decorating consultation services.

Our individual product listing includes:

  • Throw pillows (Plain, patterned or branded)

  • Seated cushions (To any shape or size)

  • Pouffes

  • Drapes

  • Wall hangings and accessories

Our services are perfect for new and existing homeowners, businesses, party and event planners, and anyone who wants to dazzle a space!

What has been your greatest challenge as an Entrepreneur?

My greatest challenge as an entrepreneur operating in Barbados is ensuring that my quality is not compromised in my quest to achieve affordability. In a market like Barbados, sourcing high quality materials can be quite expensive and as you can imagine, these costs are passed on to the consumer. To combat this, I make it a priority to source the highest quality materials at the most affordable prices. In cases where this is not proving to be feasible, I design the required materials myself to the quality and specifications that I need. In addition to this, I market my products from a value-based perspective so I'm not just selling cushions, I’m ably providing high quality, personalized, cozy experiences to last a lifetime.

How do you remain focused?

I remain focused by keeping my eyes on the prize. Entrepreneurship is the gateway to financial freedom and those exotic vacations won’t pay for themselves.

What defines success for you?

Success for me is defined by the significant improvement in the quality of human life. This is not limited to making an excellent living for myself but to effectively touch the lives of others through my own life, business and service. True success to me would be to die being remembered as the woman who not only made it in life but built up and deeply touched many other lives.

How do you balance full-time employment and Entrepreneurship?

I firmly believe that balance in life is key. My full-time job at the Barbados National Oil Company Ltd. in the Accounts Department feeds the analytical and logical part of me, while Green Republik feeds the creative, artsy, innovative parts of me. To continue to enjoy this beautiful balance, a solid business and career plan, discipline, time-management, self- motivation and a good support system are all essential. Not to mention...plenty multivitamins and comfort food for the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ nights.

Where can our readers connect with you online?

You can find Green Republik on:

Instagram - @green_republik

Facebook - Green Republik

Mobile Number - (246) 251-4515

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