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Sunday Success - Nekisha Prince-Haynes

Author/CEO, Prestige Admin Services and Nekisha P. Haynes

Who is Nekisha Prince-Haynes?

I am a Virtual Assistant and business owner of Prestige Admin Services. I am a wife and mother of a handsome Prince. I hold a Diploma in Office Admin and Accounting, a Certificate in Upgrading Administrative Professional Secretaries and, in Accounting and Finance.

I love public speaking hence I am a member of ‘The Police Alliance Toastmasters Club’ and hold the accreditation of Competent Leader.

I am the third of four siblings and the only girl for my mother. I love cooking, traveling, reading, writing, graphic designing and meeting new and exciting persons.

Tell us a bit about your business endeavors.

I help small business owners and entrepreneurs. I help them because I realized that we all need help at some point in our lives and we cannot do it alone. I help them by providing personal assistant services, writing, proof reading, speaking, coaching, mentoring etc.

How did you decide which business to start?

While working for a company, work started to slow up, so I decided to start something on the side. After doing so I also volunteered to be an accountability partner for many persons who encouraged me to start doing mentoring as a paid job, since my services were well received with excellent results. I then included content creation, proof reading etc. After some time of dealing with some of my clients who took advantage of my services because I became too friendly with them, I decided to do a reflection on my business and it was then I realized that there were some things I need to do differently if I wanted my business to be successful. One week later I was browsing through my online groups and noticed I was not alone in this situation, so I thought to myself maybe I should write a book on this. Then one day my family friend visited me and I shared my idea with him and we both laughed it off but that night I thought about the idea all night, and the very next day I called everyone in my circle and told them I would like to write a book and they all encouraged me to do so.

What is your most memorable accomplishment to date?

My most exciting and memorable accomplishment to date is becoming a self-published author and having my book “Your Client is Not Your Friend attained #1 New Release rank, in less than 24 hours. Also attaining #1 New Release rank three times in three weeks and reaching Best Seller ranks #3, #4 and #8 thus far on Amazon.

How did you make it amidst all of the challenges you’ve experienced?

For me perseverance is the key. So, when the storms of life arise I think about my ‘WHY’ and that keeps me going. For example ‘why did I get started with my business?’.

How do you remain focused?

I remain focused because I set my goals and I work hard to achieve them. Coupled with that, I found my passion and calling in life and I went wholeheartedly after it. When you love what you do, it becomes a hobby and not a job.

What is one common myth about entrepreneurship that you would like to clarify?

One common myth about entrepreneurship that I would like to clarify is “Launching a company quickly leads to wealth,”. That is not true because in order to have a successful company it requires lots of hard work and dedication. Sometimes it can take years for a company to become wealthy, it does not happen overnight. Also, in order to receive great returns you have to invest in your company.

What advice would you give a budding entrepreneur?

  • Do not mix business and pleasure.

  • Be sure all your relevant documents are in place and signed before working on any projects for clients.

  • It is not an easy road but with dedication and hard work you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

  • Never limit your abilities.

  • Let the sky be the limit.

  • Opportunity comes along once, so grab it while you can.

  • Protect your business reputation always.

  • Always strive to give your best service to your clients.

Where can our readers connect with you online?

I can be contacted on all social handles under the name “your client is not your friend” or via telephone or whatsapp (246) 261-6377.

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