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Sunday Success - Tiffany Jones

Managing Director, The Job Connect

Who is Tiffany Jones?

I am a 27 year old self professed Lifetime Movie enthusiast and a lover of music. I am a Seventh Day Adventist Christian and a Human Resources practitioner by profession. I believe that everyone has a purpose and I enjoy helping people find theirs.

Why did you start The Job Connect?

My friend Brandon actually gave me the idea. I had just graduated at the time with my Masters and I gave him every excuse as to why it wouldn't work. He believed in me more than I did in myself. One day I was purusing one of the job posting groups on Facebook and I came across a post from a young man who indicated that he was suicidal. At the time he had been searching for work for years and was not successful. I reached out and worked with him. Dealing with suicidal individuals can take a lot out of you, but as a trained Social Worker, I knew it was a situation I could handle. During the process I created a cover letter and resume for him and also provided guidance. In a short period he was able to successfully find work and the rest is history.

Seeing how the new job changed his view on life and seeing how his entire persona changed positively, I told myself that I have a lot more to offer the world. It was at that moment that I made the decision to take my friend's advice and I started the business officially in 2018. Brandon helped me brainstorm the name of the business, and as the lead graphic designer for Ingenious Entertainment, he brainstormed the concept for the logo and designed it for me.

Did you always want to go this route in your career?

Initially I wanted to be a Social Worker. I made that decision in Secondary School after a lot of thought and life experiences. However, while pursuing my Bachelors in Social Work at University, I developed a strong interest in Human Resources. After further research, I decided to pursue my Masters in Human Resource Management. I started my Masters the same year I graduated with my Bachelors - 2013.

How do you manage to balance everything in your life?

Working full time and being a business owner can be challenging at times, but I love all that I do and wouldn't have it any other way. My significant other Greg is a major part and he helps me a lot and provides great encouragement too. I am also blessed to have a great team behind The Job Connect. I call them my tribe and I am truly thankful!

Why are you so helpful toward others?

I am naturally a helpful person, but aside from that I think it is very important to pay it forward in life. I love to see people win, and if I can help someone on their journey, that's fulfilling to me.

Is there anything else you that you want to do but haven't as yet?

Under "The Job Connect" brand, there is a lot more that I have envisioned to do. With time, thorough planning with the team and God's help, we will accomplish everything.

I also have a love for graphic design and marketing, so this is something I may also pursue under a different brand.

Any advice for aspiring Entrepreneurs?

It is a rewarding decision but it comes with a lot of hard work. Especially when you start, you are your own Accountant, Customer Service Representative, Marketing Coordinator and more, but it is worth it. When you see your vision become realized, it is one of the most rewarding feelings. Having a strong support system definitely makes the journey easier too.

What would people be most surprised to find out about you?

1. I am very big on customer service and respect. I prefer to spend more and experience good service, than to save a few dollars and be treated poorly.

2. I love to travel and in 2015 I attended the Wendy Williams Show in New York. It was a great experience and I got the opportunity to sit in the front row during the live taping of the Show. Directly after the taping of the show, I was approached by one of the Producers, to become a fashion model for the show. Of course I politely declined, but the entire experience is one that I will never forget.

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Tiffany Jones
Tiffany Jones
Jan 16, 2020

Thank you, Jemimah! Truly appreciate your support and kind words.


Finally read it! I love it! From reading it , I can hear the enthusiasm you have for what you do! You are truly an inspiration, keep on being the positive influencer God has called you to be! #teamjobconnect for the win

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