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Tuesday Transformation - Ayana Charles

Corporate Accountant, SOL CARIBBEAN

Who is Ayana Charles?

I am a vibrant, passionate 28-year-old Corporate Accountant with a love and zest for life. I am highly career focused and I enjoy family time, outings and sleep.

What does a typical day for Ayana look like?

A typical weekday starts with waking up at 6.30 am to prepare to arrive at work by 7.15 am. In my current position the days are fast paced with many meetings, financial reviews, implementation of standards and processes. By the end of the day which sometimes consists of working 12 hours, I try to get some exercise in at the gym or just crash after a relaxing shower.

Weekends are sleep in mornings with errands and family time and very often additional accounting work.

Why did you choose Accounting as a career?

During secondary school at Harrison College I had quite a strong mathematics background and believed that the concept of Accounting and Economics was rather intriguing. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I decided the next step in a comfortable career where I could grasp concepts easily and excel, was with Accounting.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in pursuing a career similar to yours?

Engage yourself with clear goals to align your focus and prepare yourself mentally by always allocating time to refresh and rest. Education is paramount, so remain abreast of current economic situations besides the general theory as you’ll see how accounting is present in almost every aspect of a business.

How best would you advise an aspiring professional to stand out on the job market?

Confidence but with Humility and a positive attitude- it’s important to understand that learning is a continuous process and while you can prove to be an asset to any company with your outstanding knowledge, capabilities and even captivating personality; it’s imperative to always be willing to humble yourself and learn in dynamic environments. Make that known to any employer- what you can bring to the table and your willingness to learn and accept change in the process.

What keeps you motivated?

My belief in self and that I can achieve what I put my mind to with the help of God as well as securing my future and the future of my family, present and to come.

How do you balance your work life and personal life?

Sometimes the work life balance is difficult due to the fast-paced environment and reporting requirements I have to fulfill, but a sunny beach day with family and friends, quick gym workout, a good nap and a hype party always do me well 😊


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