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Tuesday Transformation - George McCallum

Attorney-at-Law, Lex Caribbean, Barbados

Who is George McCallum?

I like to think of myself as an easy-going, goal oriented and ambitious person. I love watching and playing sports, travelling, and reading a good book. I was born in Jamaica and I grew up in Barbados, where I now live and work. At my core I think I am someone who is simply passionate about getting the most out of life and being the best version of myself possible.

What does a typical day for George entail?

After taking a moment early in the morning when I wake up to do a little meditation and prayer, my day usually begins with me checking my emails (and getting the ones that need an urgent response out of the way). Typically, I try to exercise in the mornings before going to work. After getting into the office, my day usually involves working with clients and other attorneys on ongoing transactions. This may involve attending meetings, drafting legal advice, conducting legal research, drafting legal documents and drafting or responding to tons of emails. On a good day, my work-day would end between 6-7pm. I then try to catch up on some reading, enjoy something relaxing and do a little planning.

Why did you choose Law?

I chose law because I thought I had some of the natural skills and talents that would make a good attorney; I was very analytical and did well with expressing myself verbally and in writing, so I thought this was perhaps a good option. More substantively, I always had an interest in how society operated from a legal perspective, like what my rights were and where they came from etc. I was also very much drawn to the operations of large corporations, and the technical, legal aspects of how big deals and transactions were put together. I eventually chose to get into corporate law, and I currently work at Lex Caribbean, Attorneys-at-Law, in its International Business and Entrepreneurial Business Units. I am fortunate to now be involved in providing legal advice on a wide variety of corporate transactions such as cross border financings, mergers and acquisitions, or general corporate finance law.

What are two (2) non-negotiable skills that a successful Attorney-At-Law should have?

The ability to effectively relate to and deal with different types of people, and being absolutely thorough.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in pursuing a career in Law?

I would say to find out as much as you can about the practice of law generally, as well as the specific areas that you might be interested in, before you commit to it yourself. Perhaps even consider speaking with practising attorneys to ensure that it is something you genuinely want to get involved in. Many persons expect to experience the television version of being an attorney, and then get disappointed when they realize it is much more than just courtrooms, and nice suits. I would also say to prepare to do a great deal of reading, research and writing and dealing with many different types of people. Most of all, I would advise persons not to be dismayed by the daunting reputation that preparing for a legal career, or even the career itself has; you can do it.

What or who do you credit your success to?

I credit my success foremost to God. My family comes next; I have extremely supportive parents, a sister and extended family, who made sure I was supported in every single aspect throughout my schooling, and now in my career. I would then say that a large part of the success that I have achieved, came by me setting goals very early and working hard to achieve them, which included getting the help of many persons along the way.

What does success mean to you?

Success to me means accomplishing the goals that you have set out to achieve and enjoying a genuine sense of fulfilment in the process.


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