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Tuesday Transformation - Kavita Singh

Relationship Manager-Financial Solutions, RBC Royal Bank (Barbados) Ltd.

Who is Kavita Singh?

I am a 27 year old passionate and self -motivated individual who enjoys helping persons become financially secure. I have a degree in Psychology, a background in sales and a demonstrated career in lending to both small businesses and retail. I spend some of my spare time with my Rotaract family at our various initiatives and I also enjoy a full personal life mostly spent at the beach with good company.

What does a typical day for Kavita look like?

I get into the office very early and I spend that time planning my day and responding to emails all whilst listening to high energy music to help set my pace. I live by my calendar so everything I want to accomplish is booked and then checked off at the end of the day. My job entails building relationships with my clients: that means I anticipate clients’ needs and provide financial solutions based on their unique lifestyles. That ranges from financial advice to helping them find the perfect home. My evenings are typically spent unwinding with a favorite TV show, playing with my dog Simba or having a good chat with my inner circle of friends and family.

What was your first job?

My first job was working in my family’s laundromat on weekends. I would handle clothing, do inventory as well as address customers queries or concerns. Why did you choose the field of Finance?

I wanted a career focused on helping people. Most persons work their entire lives without truly understanding how to benefit from good financial investments. This is where I come in: I’ve spent my career helping small business owners grow their businesses, helping individuals and families acquire their first car, to helping persons own their own home. I wanted a career that would allow me to make a difference, even if it’s one person at a time.

What keeps you motivated?

I am a very goal oriented person who adapts to change well. I set expectations based on where I see myself and what I want to achieve and the intrinsic motivation comes from the feeling of accomplishment when a goal has been met. As we all know life is never a straight line but it’s important to view challenges as the catalyst for finding creative solutions. Positive mindset is key.

How would you advise someone to continue their professional development in this field?

Ask questions both in the workplace and outside of it. If you’re client facing currently, ask to work on the back end of things if time permits and vice versa (hint: you may need to sacrifice some of your personal time for growth).

Network extensively. People do business with people, not buildings or companies.

Go for a designation or do online studies and tutorials. Workplaces can sometimes limit the way we think about a field because it is all we are accustomed to. Finding out what the new best practices are will help to revamp your way of thinking and lead an organization by example.

How would you recommend an aspiring professional to stand out on the job market?

Focus on your energy and how you want persons to remember you. Sending a hand written thank you card instead of an email is one example. Herb Kelleher who co -founded Southwest Airlines once said “Hire for attitude, train for skill”. Most employers tend to hire based on high energy and capability to handle dynamic environments with a positive attitude.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in pursuing a career similar to yours?

The finance field is constantly evolving and calls for the highest levels of customer satisfaction coupled with ensuring globally set guidelines are followed. This means reading extensively about your field, going out to meet clients, doing your own market research and challenging yourself daily to exceed expectations. Having a winning attitude with a disciplined approach will bring success.

Pizza, French Fries or Ice Cream: One has to go. Ice cream- it’s just too cold :)


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