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Tuesday Transformation - Neisha Cave

Compliance Manager, Nevis Co-operative Credit Union Limited

Who is Neisha Cave?

To speak about Neisha Cave, it would be very selfish if I didn’t mention my VILLAGE. My mom gave her like an Ox while my dad taught me how to be kind but be resilient. My wonderful aunt Delorse kept me grounded and focused in my own lane. I took all these attributes and redefined: “A Simple Girl from a peace-deficit neighbourhood can do”. I dug deep, I’m sure if you look closely enough you will see my scars. I sought to break barriers and generational curses, as a result I decided at 10 years I WILL DO JUST THAT! I knew education was my way out, so my dad and I joint forces to ensure I excelled at every academic challenge that came my way. As a result: 7 CXCs, 1 BSc and 1 MSc later I am fearlessly loving my career journey.

What does a typical day for Neisha look like?

Physically I am very busy but mentally I am busier. My typical day starts around 5am with devotion. I am nothing without God! I usually spend at least 2 hours studying or working on my new book. Then I spend 8 hours at work being a super heroine. After work that’s when the real fun begins; gym, steel pan, BPW, writing my book and operating a small business in Barbados.

Why did you choose this career?

As it relates to my career, I always say God has an interesting sense of humour. After I finished my MSc in Financial & Business Economics, I was on a hot pursuit to become an Economist at the Barbados Central Bank, but the job market was saturated. I wrote my Master’s Thesis on “Credit Union Development in the Caribbean Region: Analysis and Developmental Factors”. Subsequently, I did an internship at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and conducted a Staff Research Paper on “Bank Liquidity and Economic Growth in the ECCU”, which basics determines “why banks are not lending”. In less six (6) weeks a friend told me about a job in St. Kitts as a Loans Officer. I simply smiled and agreed to tackle the interview full-on. Beyond a saturated Barbadian job market, I needed that job in order to grasp core banking concepts to couple with my theoretical knowledge. After a year and a half, I knew it was time to make a shift to Compliance. Suddenly there’s a vacancy for a Compliance Officer in Nevis. I simply laughed again and decided to apply. I have arrived.

This is a synopsis of my journey but it should be noted it wasn’t clear cut, I was faced with several “NOs” and I had to use is as “kNOwledge”.

What do you love most about what you do?

As a Compliance Officer, you have to be very observant and use analytical tools to assist. I am fortunate that I can use my theoretical knowledge and previous job experience to keep the organization safe. We operate in a very dynamic financial environment and my current role forces me to stay abreast of those changes. In order to keep up, I have to challenge myself academically and creatively. Most importantly, I have enjoyed transferring knowledge to my team. Being a team player is very critical because you are only as strong as your weakest team member.

What was the move from Barbados to Nevis like?

Ten (10) years ago I didn’t know where St. Kitts & Nevis was located in the Caribbean. I am always bombarded with this question and I frequently struggled to answer politically correct. I live in survival mode. I saw my move here as a transition from one Caribbean island to another; thanks to a CARICOM’s Skill Certificate! I am a social butterfly and have the utmost respect for their political views and religious beliefs (or lack thereof). The aforementioned makes it easy to get along with anyone and that’s how I am surviving in this beautiful sister island.

What keeps you motivated?

The old Neisha Cave! My Family! My Community!

There was a need to break a particular generational curse and I felt like it was my duty to pave the way for my younger relatives. I have a habit of fighting against the odds and coming out victorious in most cases. I wanted to give back to my community and pay forward the intangibles. Moreover, I tend to always position myself around diverse individuals who are passionate about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

What was your first job?

I had so many jobs I can’t even recall which one came first but here’s a list of some:

  • Gas Attendant

  • Shop Attendant

  • Waitress

  • Call Centre Representative

  • Student Researcher

  • Social Media Entrepreneur

  • Administrative Assistant

Just to name a few! It should be noted that I’ve enjoyed and grew because of all those jobs. My dad told me to be the BEST at whatever I do and respect everyone’s role in the organization. The ultimate lesson here was to practice good work ethics!

What advice would you give someone who is interested in pursuing a career similar to yours?

READ MY BOOK (Coming soon)! You need a strong support system; it truly takes a village to raise a child. Everyone’s story will vary but the following characteristics are needed:

  • Don’t take things personal

  • Remain humble. Humility is the way forward!

  • Work efficiently and effectively and not hard.

Beyond these things, education is paramount. Attain the academic knowledge in Banking, consider a degree in Banking & Finance, Economics, Accounting and or CAMs. Be mindful that you may have to start below your ideal salary threshold but not withstanding your worth. Finally, dig deep and stay focus because the end is near!

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