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Tuesday Transformation - Terrisha Logie

Group HR Supervisor, C.O.Williams Construction Limited

Who is Terrisha Logie?

I am a born Grenadian Human Resources Generalist professional who works and resides in Barbados.

What does a typical day for you look like? My job role is very broad and includes working with management and employees from five (5) companies. My typical day includes but not limited to; dealing with any disciplinary and grievance processes that take place, coordinating and supporting recruitment practices, retirement processes and workforce coordination. I also conduct inductions sessions for new employees, familiarizing them with relevant legislation, company policies and procedures, and their employment contract. Additionally, I oversee administration of group pension plans.

A major aspect of my day is employee counselling. General staff, Manager and Supervisors would often approach me to discuss HR-related issues and my job then is to give them support and advice.

Another major aspect of my day involves dealing with health and safety matters that arises, this includes accidents and injuries on the job, complaints from the public and coordinating medical surveillance wellness programmes.

What was your first job?

Apart from all my side hustles like selling tamarind balls, candies and other goodies while at primary school and doing several internships while at University, my first official job was as a Secondary School Teacher at St. Rose Modern Secondary School in Grenada. There I taught History and Social Studies to upper forms students for three (3) years.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources?

The key is to ‘make a start’, start that course/degree in HR or related area you have been thinking about, join that HR association you have been seeing on your social media feed or simply attend that HR seminar and network with professionals. If you are having difficulty getting a job, start by volunteering with an association or at an organisation. Be passionate about what you want to achieve and work towards it! How best would you recommend an aspiring professional to stand out on the job market?

Create a resume that stands out as bold as your display picture on your social media platforms. Presentation is very important. There are lots of templates of resumes online and recruiters such as The Job Connect that can help you to build your personal brand and create an eye-catching resume. Also, ensure that your resume gets to the right person, that is the HR department. Once you have secured an interview, it is even more important to present yourself well, focus on what skills and attributes you can bring to the company to further its development. Also, networking with HR and other professionals through free platforms such as LinkedIn can assist with securing jobs.

What is one common myth about the Human Resources profession that you would like to clarify?

All Human Resources professionals do is hire and fire! False! While HR department responsibilities varies based on organisational needs, generally today the role of HR is multifaceted and expands beyond recruitment and termination processes. HR designs training programmes for staff improvement, oversee compensation and benefits such as medical plans and pension plans, administer employee assistance programmes, develop health and wellness programmes, develop and administer employee recognition programmes. Despite the myths, HR is an exciting field encompassing varying roles.


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