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Sunday Success - Kamille Martindale

Co-founder and Executive Director, Unborn Justice.

Who is Kamille Martindale?

I am a pro-life advocate and a youth leader. It’s a tough competition between my love for young people and my love for the pro-life cause. I am also the co-founder and Executive Director of my baby, Unborn Justice.

Tell us a bit about Unborn Justice.

Unborn Justice is a pro-life charity which was established in August 2014 and registered in February 2015. In 2017, we opened a Pregnancy Resource Centre which provides support to women and their partners who are faced with crisis pregnancies. All of our services are free of cost. We offer free pregnancy testing, peer counselling, a client empowerment programme, a client education programme, parenting and pregnancy classes, abortion recovery and public education. To date over 40 women (and their partners) have passed through our client empowerment programme. We’ve recently started a thrift store (@uj_thriftstore on IG) as a means of providing baby items at low prices for low-income parents. Items are as low as $1 and are great quality!

What does a typical day for you entail?

Everyday is different here in Unborn Justice. We open 9am to 3pm on Mondays to Wednesdays. On Mondays I do client appointments and other client-related tasks, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I focus on administrative work and other duties. The days we have classes the office is either filled with pregnant women and their partners or with the parents and their precious babies.

What is your long-term goal for Unborn Justice?

We want every Barbadian to know that there is a place that they can go to get help if they are ever faced with a crisis pregnancy and of course that we would have programmes and services in place to meet those needs.

How do you remain motivated?

I am motivated by the fact that I am fulfilling my God-given mission. I am also motivated by the fruits of our labour (the babies), and the mothers and fathers who have benefitted from the work of Unborn Justice. Knowing that we are impacting lives is enough to keep me going.

How can individuals support Unborn Justice?

Individuals can support Unborn Justice by donating their time through volunteering in various areas, by donating baby items or by giving a monetary one-time donation or a monthly pledge.

Our Baby Bottle Campaign is also a simple way for an organization to get involved. We have giant baby bottles that we leave with the group after doing a short presentation. Then, their job is to try to fill the bottle with cheques, cash and coins over a period of four weeks.

How do you balance your professional and personal life?

Balancing professional and personal life has been a challenge I’m learning to overcome. I have had to schedule Unborn Justice’s time and leave work at work for the most part. I also learn to delegate more and allow others to help where possible.

What has been the greatest leadership lesson you’ve learnt to date?

The greatest leadership lesson I’ve learnt is that being the best leader I can be means being the best servant. To lead is to serve.

Where can we find you?

You can find our office at #26 James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown.

Our other contact information is:

Tel: (246) 266-8473

Instagram: @unbornjustice

Facebook: Unborn Justice



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