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Sunday Success Story - Shanice Murray

Chief Executive Officer, Just Nutrition

Who is Shanice Murray?

This is such an interesting question lol. Who am I? Let's just say when I am not at work or in my work persona I am the goofiest person you will ever meet. I enjoy going on hikes or really long walks, I have a love-hate relationship with running. I thoroughly enjoy watching Cartoons, I love travelling, going to exhibits and taking photos of street art. I am very reserved, I truly believe that all my jokes are funny, I like my music loud. I've played Bridge and represented Barbados at a Bridge tournament a few years ago. But most importantly, I absolutely love what I do as a career. 

What does your day to day entail?

I usually wake up on mornings and check my messages, whether that be email, WhatsApp or Instagram. I go through my schedule for the day to ensure all my clients have confirmed their appointments and subsequently I make appointments for new clients. During the morning time period, I may also work on meal plans and social media post so I may have content for the page. I owe a lot of my imagery to my clients, they take really great photos of their meals. These activities would take me to around 10:00 or 11:00am and prior to COVID-19 I would utilise the gym from around 11:00 to 12:00pm returning home to get ready for work. Yes, eating takes place in there lol. Eluding to pre-COVID-19 again, I would usually be in the office from around 4:00pm to 8:00pm most evenings unless I have to leave to venture off to school as I am currently pursuing my masters degree. During COVID-19 I would say the only major changes to my routine would be my operating hours, increased sanitation and switching completely to classes online. 

As a nutritionist, my main objective is to ensure my clients understand the role and function nutrition plays in the diet. During the consultation process, I mentally assess my clients to evaluate their attitudes towards food and nutrition. The goal is always assurance that this is a process to developing better eating habits, better relationships with food and better control & management of nutrition-related illnesses.

Tell us a bit about your business. 

We launched (but really I) Just Nutrition about one year ago. It is a registered nutrition consulting service that specializes in general health promotion, control of chronic non-communicable diseases, weight loss, lean muscle gain and sports nutrition. 

We pride ourselves in putting the needs of our clients first, practising evidence-based nutrition and showing nutritional skills through the application of knowledge and use of anthropometric (body measurements) techniques. We currently offer nutrition consultations,  body composition assessments and meal plans.  How did your interest in this field develop?

Let's see, I wanted to be several things when I was growing up, a writer, a doctor and a forensic scientist (owed to watching so many episodes of CSI Miami). I would say up until I was 16 I was adamant about being a doctor but things change when situations changes. I remember transferring schools and having to study Food & Nutrition which at the time I thought was absurd (like why was this a subject, learning to cook?) it took me a while to settle down and I even refused to want to complete the school-based assessments (SBA). Long story short after a very stern talking to from my teacher at the time I completed those SBAs without hesitation and was successful in the final exam receiving a distinction. I then completed two years of Food & Nutrition under the CAPE program and successfully making the CXC Merit List. It was all a ripple effect from there really, where I left and pursed of my undergraduate degree Human Nutrition and Dietetics. At this stage in my career and reflecting on 16 year old me, I don't think things could have worked out any better. Sometimes the things we think are for us really aren't for us and life has a funny way of showing us that whether we want to accept it or not. 

What do you love most about being a business owner?

I often don't feel like a business owner, most of the times I feel like an employee LOL. For sure I can't say the flexible hours and decision making because flexibility comes at the cost of discipline and decision making for me is usually second nature. So maybe its my ability to have input and knowing that input can spark some form of change. 

Tell us your most memorable achievement to date.

My most memorable achievement is definitely starting Just Nutrition. Academic achievements and awards are great, I find I'm happy about those for 2 seconds and that fades way. But having Just Nutrition is an eternal feeling of constant achievement. 

Where can readers find you online?

We can be found on Instagram at or via email


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