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Tuesday Transformation - Nadia Greenidge

Sales Manager, Massy Trading

Who is Nadia Greenidge?

I am a Registered Nurse by profession, mother of three lovely daughters and a wife of a very supportive husband. I am driven, goal oriented, family oriented, focused and fun loving. I put my all in everything that I do and I don’t take no for an answer or believe that failure is an option. I believe in principle and that there is no one way to get the job done.

What does a typical day for Nadia look like?

Emails, fire outing, fast pace, improvising, just to list a few. The position I presently hold is sales driven, which entails focusing on working with the sales team, customers, collaborating with Brand Managers to develop sales strategies to improve and maintain market share. I also support brand plans and share my expertise in areas that will facilitate in capitalizing on the desired goal, which is to achieve sales.

Did you always see yourself practicing in this field?

No, I did not. I saw myself in the Field of Nursing. I hold an associate degree in Nursing and prior to this I held a certificate in Nursing Assistant. People say to me "so does this mean you are not a Nurse anymore?". My response is always that you can’t take away my degree or knowledge. I love what I do, I carry all values and teachings learnt in Nursing and apply them differently daily. I also maintain my nursing registration as required.

When I left nursing I then ventured into the field of Medical Representative. Following this role I then was promoted to Business Development Officer. After this role, I was once again promoted to a Brand Manager and most recently promoted to a Sales Manager. All of this is within a tenure of nine years, with Massy Distribution Barbados Ltd. I must say it has indeed been a journey where I have experienced some highs and some lows. I never allowed the lows to cloud my vision, I kept pushing, winning and achieving.

Name 2-3 people who have been the most influential to you and why.

1. My husband he is my person, he supports me, no matter what! Even if I come up with a crazy idea and he knows it's crazy, he will say Naddy I don’t agree but let's see how it can be done, still supporting me. I admire his ability to maintain calm when I'm not...lolol. He has even stepped a couple steps (or a few yards) back in his personal development, to allow me to step forward or leap in my career. Many late nights spent at UWI or at small personal development courses, he would be there in daddy mode until my arrival from my studies. He is always giving, always sharing. He is a true definition of what a man, husband and father should be. He always does his best for his girls (that's what he calls us).

2. My mum taught me to always work hard, to put in that extra in achieving my goals. I remember her encouraging us to work at 14 years old on Saturdays and the money we made that day, was our money for the following school week. She thought me how to be independent and to go after my goals. She was a role model of all of that. She didn't just speak it, she lived it. She always use to say the best money to spend is your own. She taught me the hustle! Bless her soul.

What keeps you motivated?

Always wanting to do better, to be better, to exceed all expectations. My girls also motivate me, I try my best to show them that women are strong, women can do anything they put their minds to and women can be leaders.

When I’m told "NO", "it’s not possible" or "it can’t be done". These are phrases that I never accept, so this pushes me into get it done mode.

How do you measure success?

I measure success over the long term; success doesn't happen overnight. It usually takes a few failures to get there. So I take these failures and I learn from them and use them as aids to help with my success. With that being said: Meeting the company’s goals, expectations and standards. Once this is achieved and more, I consider myself a success. I also set goals for my own personal development, I work on improving myself on a day to day basis, which I believe will allow me to excel in any given field of work.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in pursuing a career similar to yours?

The advice I would give is to follow your dreams - God will order your steps. Have faith, believe and work hard towards your goals. Where there is a will, there is always a way, make it happen. The things in life that are worth having never come easy, you have to be disciplined, self-motivated and driven to get there. Be prepared to work hard and go the extra mile when required without being asked. Once you are there, embrace your journey and those who helped you along the way, and always see the positive in negative situations.

Nadia Greenidge had the opportunity to conduct a class presentation with her daughter
Nadia recently had the opportunity to conduct a personal female hygiene presentation at a local primary school


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